mardi 7 septembre 2010

Je me souviens

A part of the Happy Family!

This post is in English so all our new international friends can understand.

Quebec motto is ¨Je me souviens¨ : I remember.

We spent twelve months on the road and we met a lot of nice and lovely people that we still remember!

In Fidji, Edmund´s Coconut Hat and Robot Shark inside jokes are still running around after all this time. Charlotte and Michael, our Danish friends : diving together was a nice start for the beginning of our journey!

A couple of weeks later, we stumbled in you Gabriel, a non-English speaker (kind of lost) in Auckland. For the next 4 months we kept bumping into you to finally settle all together in Te Anau. That town was the cornerstone of lovely weeks of friendship with Aldonza & Fefo, Bruno, the Gabriels, Alberto, Claudia & Jean-Philippe, Lou & Pablo, Santiago, the girls from Taiwan (Aurora, Mia and Anita), Noriko, Jun, Paula, Florencia (and we probably forget some). It was also in New Zealand that we traveled and hitchhiked with you Ben, on your quest of finding the perfect baguette (honestly, it was probably just a traveling idea, because the perfect one is in your home country!).

It was with a broken heart that we flew to Thailand, leaving The Happy Family, but just to meet, again, some "Frenchies" : Pascal and Marion in Chiang Mai. We got so close by Thai massaging each other and exploring the Hill tribes on the back of an elephant. Cooking that Thai food with you Esther was really yummy!

Completely lost in India, dear Sabine, you helped us to see this complex country with a different eye. We laughed, we cried, we yelled... we loved them, we hated them, but no matter what, we stayed together and survived!

Azur sailing course, Fort Cigogne
What a great surprise it was to meet you Geneviève, our new friend from Montréal, in Crete. Your passion for anthropology is contagious and we cannot wait to invite you for dinner on Leclaire street.

The Hania Field Research Station was also a great place to meet a nice bunch of people! We argued, sweated, walked, cooked, drinked, lived all together in basic conditions, but most of all, helped save Caretta Caretta! Andy: we're still talking about your philosophy and way of living!

One of the highlights of the trip is definitely our sailing course in Brittany and the great people we met in this funny "escadron". Thank you Marie, Annelise and Victor, our dynamic volunteer instructors and you guys, our teammates in Azur: Brice and Bérénice, Nico and Anna, Zoé and Paul. It was nincredible surfing the waves all together on that Glenan 5.7.

We couldn't finish the trip without visiting you Charlotte in Copenhagen, Sabine and Manu in Paris and Marion in Marseille.

It was worth a million to see your faces, dear mermaids ,when we surprised you in Sweden for the FINA World aquatic championships!

What a blast we had traveling for a while with our friends from Québec : Annie and Ghislain, driving across the south island of New Zealand in a flash and Fred, Phil and Nancy walking in the wild and looking for Nessie in Scotland!

Nous nous rappelons aussi de tous ces peuples si différents. Les voici en quelques qualitatifs :

Les Fidjiens accueillants
Les Thais aux sourires contagieux
Les Laossiens dévoués
Les Indiens exubérants et flamboyants
Les Grecs xenéphobes et entêtés
Les Français édonistes
Les Scandinaves courtois
Les Écossais chaleureux
Les Irlandais bons vivants

Roulement de tambour, la crème de la crème : Le peuple désagréable (à lire absolument)
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2 commentaires:

  1. Merci! Vous avez été ma découverte de l'été et j'admire votre courage d'avoir tout plaqué pour vivre une si belle aventure. J'ai peut-être les connaissances en anthropologie, mais c'est vous deux les maîtres du terrain! À bientôt, Ge xx

  2. "Non english speaker" ??? "kind of lost" ??? What ???? it's totally wro....... TRUE !!!!! You save me in Auckland when you create my bank account, in Te Anau when you find me a job, Thank you for everything you did for me ..... hope to see you soon my friends..... besos....
    El frenchie